I Who Have Nothing

What To Do When Your Spouse Threatens Your Financial Security

Many is the time I have sat across my desk from a new client who has relayed the words of a dominant spouse, designed to impose fear, legal paralysis or at least sleepless nights on their dependent sitting before me. The words may vary but their tone is all too familiar…

‘You will end up with nothing.’

‘It’s all mine - none of it is yours.’

‘Just try to engage a lawyer and I will hide all my assets (perhaps abroad)!’

No doubt these may be terrifying words to a dependent, particularly a loving spouse with children. However, those in this unfortunate position need not be alarmed by such talk. With the right representation, the dominant spouse can never win or impose their self-interested threats upon their vulnerable partner.

Two of the most powerful weapons against such behaviour, to ensure the dependent spouse receives their just desserts are Section 37 remedies found in the Matrimonial Causes Act 1973 and, where necessary, the Inherent Jurisdiction Injunction which has different rules but where appropriate, can be imposed globally.

In all cases, speed is of the essence both in terms of early advice from a legal expert and to minimise the prejudicial action that may be attempted in the meantime. Such measures are not necessary in all cases, but when it is called for, the skills and methodology employed by your solicitor are the keys to a successful outcome. Indeed, there can be no better outcome than a secure and prosperous future for a spouse who has been wracked with fear or suppressed into inactivity.

If you are worried about your financial position and what legal entitlements and remedies are required to protect you, contact a member of our team to arrange an initial appointment. We’re here to assist you through the legal challenges that come with divorce and help you to move on to a brighter future.

-      Antony Clapp