Prenuptial Agreements

Typically, prenuptial agreements exist to provide legal certainty to couples of high net worth wanting to make reliable financial provision in the event of future dissolution or divorce, and provide a more reliable solution for protecting assets for children from previous relationships. A qualifying nuptial agreement (whether pre- or post) will have to satisfy strict legal criteria for enforceability. If you’re contemplating the protection of your assets ahead of marriage, or seeking a post-nuptial agreement, speak to our team of experts who will be able to advise of the timescales and qualifications required.



Qualifying Nuptial Agreements (QNA) such as prenuptial agreements can provide transparency on financial circumstances, expectations and wishes should the relationship end, and assurance that all measures of wealth protection have been taken ahead of the marriage.


resolving issues

If your prenuptial agreement was drafted in another country, you may be wondering if and how it can be enforced under UK law. Your existing prenuptial agreement may not reflect your current financial position - can you change it now? If you have concerns like these, talk to our team.


client guide

Gain an expert overview of what to expect if you're considering a Prenuptial Agreement. Our Client’s Guide will help you discover the parameters of existing and pending legislation and checklist the steps you need to ensure your prenup stands up in a UK court, both now and in the future.