Financial Matters

Property, cash, investments, businesses, other assets, maintenance for a soon to be ex-spouse or children of the marriage, tax liabilities and debts, pensions and insurance policies…when faced with the prospect of dividing marital assets, even modest and seemingly straightforward financial situations can be daunting. For those with a greater complexity of financial instruments, international elements to consider, or facing adversarial circumstances, the need for trusted, sound advice is crucial for a successful outcome. Our highly experienced team can help.


High Net Worth

HNW divorces require specialist knowledge and experience to properly account for the issues these financial matters so often entail: international trusts and jurisdiction issues; marital and non-marital assets; business valuations and more. Talk to our experienced team today about achieving a successful outcome in your financial matter.



Whilst there is no set formula for the division of assets in divorce, there are some uniting principles the court looks to in deciding a fair outcome. For those with assets that exceed the needs of both parties, there may be family wealth, business assets or pensions to consider, adding to the complexity of the matter. Our team of specialists can help.   



In some circumstances, it will be necessary to take further action to enforce a court order. Find out what enforcement action is available to you and what the process involves. Our team can advise on both UK and international matters where reciprocal enforcement agreements exist, and what steps to take when these remedies don’t apply.