The Review Service

Some people may prefer to manage their divorces themselves. In the most straightforward cases, this could help to keep costs to a minimum and give the applicant a measure of overseeing the process that they’d prefer. We believe that it’s a valid choice for those who feel they have the time to understand the process and make the best decisions in their circumstances.

However, all too often, we see clients who have started an independent journey only to run into complications (and indeed costs) which could have been avoided if they had some select and professional advice to help steer them in the right direction in the first instance. That’s why we have created a new kind of review service for those going it alone - one that gives a ‘best of both worlds’ approach where an applicant can manage their own divorce independently but also seek select, professional advice at critical points during the process, or when challenges arise.

The Review Service

Before you Apply for a Divorce

  • An initial consultation will help determine how straightforward your divorce is likely to be. Once we are aware of your particular circumstances, we can offer some initial advice on the next steps to take, what forms you’ll need, and what to you’ll need to do to ensure your marriage, finances and child matters are adequately served in your divorce.

During the Divorce Process

  • Should you encounter any challenges, changing circumstances or difficulties along the way, we’ll be here to offer ad-hoc advice to help you get back on track, or give you additional, specialist support where you need it.

  • We’ll be on hand to review your documents, statements or applications and suggest necessary revisions to ensure you avoid the common pitfalls and costly mistakes seen when applications are submitted by those outside the legal profession.

  • If you find you no longer have the time, or the emotional toll of divorce and managing it yourself has become too much to continue with, we can offer to take over the management of your divorce for you and see it through to conclusion.

This service is designed to support those undertaking their own divorce process. If you are contemplating a ‘DIY divorce’ approach but want to be sure it’s the right choice for you and your family, contact us and ask about our Review Service and how we can help support you on this path to ensure the best outcome.

Unfortunately, we are not able to offer this service to those on Legal Aid.

All consultations and ad-hock support will be charged at an hourly rate.