Financial Matters

Financial implications of break-ups and disputes

It can be difficult to attempt to resolve financial disputes without some assistance. It is vital that you get sound practical advice regarding your property and finances so that you are in the best position possible.

Speak to one of Antony Clapp’s advisors in complete confidence to make sure your position is fully protected. When considering financial matters you will need to make arrangements for the short and long term. We can provide the best advice to ensure your position is not prejudiced and we will always seek to resolve matters by agreement. However, we will not hesitate to advise less-collaborative action if it is in your best interests.

How the process works 

Lodging an application or court order Where an agreement can be reached between the parties a court order will be drafted and lodged with the court. Once approved by a Judge, this agreement and its terms will be made enforceable as an Order of the Court.

Where an agreement cannot be reached, or where one party will not disclose their finances, a court application may be necessary. Prior to this option, you may be required to attend a Mediation Information Assessment Meeting (MIAM). We can make the appropriate referral, then submit your application and subsequently represent you through the process.

Before court hearings Full financial disclosure by both parties must be submitted or you may face sanctions by the court. Disclosure will include documents such as payslips, P60s, bank statements, property valuations and pensions. We can help you to prepare what is needed.

Court hearings Both parties and their legal representatives must be present. There are usually three stages to the court process, The First Directions Appointment (FDA) decides how the application should proceed.

Following this, the Financial Dispute Resolution (FDR) appointment is an opportunity for the parties to negotiate, and try to agree a financial settlement. A Judge will be on hand to provide assistance to the parties and to determine whether any agreement reached is reasonable.

If a settlement has not been reached at the FDR hearing, both parties will present their case to a different Judge at a subsequent Final Hearing. The Judge will then reach a decision.

Seeking a divorce? Or an injunction to freeze assets?

Financial matters are often intertwined with partners separating and seeking divorce or dissolution of a civil partnership. For more information on how Antony Clapp solicitors can help represent your best interests through a divorce, either in mediation, collaboration or through court proceedings, visit our Divorce and Dissolution page.

You may also be looking to freeze financial assets to safeguard and preserve them. Follow the link to read more about obtaining an injunction.
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