Cohabitation is the fastest growing ‘family type’ in the UK, yet the rights of cohabitants are often misunderstood. A legal cohabitation agreement sets out the rights, responsibilities and wishes for each party in the event of a relationship breakdown and provides peace of mind and transparency for those living together but who do not have the protection in law that marital status provides. Talk to our team about what to include in your agreement before you move in.



Cohabitation agreements provide those living together with a legal document on matters related to property, childcare arrangements, jointly and separately held assets, financial commitments relating to the household and more. Should the relationship end, both parties will benefit from the clarity of their formally agreed positions.


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Assumptions around the rights of ‘common law’ spouses and even verbal agreements can come unstuck when a relationship ends amongst cohabitants. If you’re wondering what your legal rights are now the relationship is ending, or perhaps your situation has changed substantially since an agreement was made, talk to our team for expert advice.


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Whether you are an unmarried couple, partners in property or long-term companions sharing a residence, your interests remain at risk without a legal cohabitation agreement. Discover what you stand to lose if you don't have one in place and the relationship ends. Download our latest guide for an expert summary of cohabitation agreements.